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On the move for you

Every day, Tanktransporte Ahlerstedt GmbH transports liquid foodstuffs and animal feed to the recipient safely and on time, anywhere in Europe.

Our state-of-the-art tankers, with semi-trailers made from stainless steel, possess 1-3 chambers and have a total capacity of up to 33 m³. Special insulation, a compressor/pump, and transport heating are naturally available and meet the necessary requirements demanded in European traffic.

Liquid transportation – foodstuffs and animal feed

Goods to be transported range from edible oils and fats, milk products and juices, through to glycerine, lecithin and animal feed.

We have everything under control

Our EDP/EDI logistics ensure fast order processing, as secure transport performance, punctual scheduling and regular updates to the customer are a matter of course for us (we use modern communication systems). With the aid of GPS and mobile networks, seamless documentation of the route is ensured as all vehicles can be reached at all times.


Through our regular training measures, we ensure our training level is increased. All common quality certificates are also present, and food hygiene and LMTV (food transport container law) requirements are naturally observed. The quality objectives we set are also verified by us internally on a regular basis.

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